Viewing software designed specifically with the customer in mind.

Intuitive operation

With a simple mouse operation, you can observe the digital slide tissue section on a monitor. By moving the mouse wheel, it is possible to move the slide in any direction, focus the image and alter the viewing magnification with an operational feel similar to that of a microscope.

NanoZoomer view feature


You can insert arrows, shapes, comments on the image, measure the length and areas of specified points in the image.


This ability to annotate and record information directly on the slide data allows you to store and share annotations easily.

NanoZoomer view feature

Multiview function

Multiple slide data can be displayed on the monitor simultaneously. For example, you can check an enlarged image of the same tissue in a different view while viewing the entire tissue, or compare multiple stained images of the same tissue, using methods that take advantage of the characteristics of digital data.


NanoZoomer view feature

Human kidney tissue slice
Courtesy of Koichi Kawamura Ph.D., Associate Professor Department of Cellular and Organ Pathology, Akita University Graduate School of Medicine

Optional function

With NDP.view2 Plus, which is an optional product of NDP.view2, you can also view the data format of slides captured by WSI scanners of other whole slide scanner manufacturers without converting to Hamamatsu's format. There is no need to convert the data format that suits the environment where the data is shared or provided.


Other features such as the "Count Function" and the Look Up Table (LUT) display are also available. It has a wealth of features to help you make your observations more efficient.

NanoZoomer view feature

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