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LIS & PACS integration

Data Sharing for more precise diagnosis

Better treatment requires more accurate pathology. Sharing patient information, imaging data, and laboratory tests within the institution is great benefits for many pathology departments. Digitized slides can be transferred electronically to allow pathologists to view cases at any location. This makes it easier to share cases with colleagues and confirm diagnoses for patients. It also reduces errors and creates better practices for sharing workloads between departments, saving time and resources.


With over fifteen years of manufacturing our own scanning technology, we are known not only for the image quality but also reliability in the market.

NanoZoomer application routine data sharing

When connecting to the LIS, WSI are managed each cases along with other medical records and radiographys.

NanoZoomer application routine rapid case search

View your specimens quickly without having to go to the slide rack to get them.

NanoZoomer routine easy to analyze

Combined with analysis software, complicated analysis work can be handled automatically.

Why is the NanoZoomer beneficial?

With over fifteen years of manufacturing our own scanning technology, we are known not only for the image quality, but also stability in the market.

NanoZoomer routine reliability

Ensures work with consistent throughput.

NanoZoomer Interoperability

Providing the right system for your workflow

NanoZoomer routine maintenance and support

Dedicated support ensuring operation is efficiently maintained.

Workflow model

NanoZoomer application routine model

The connection between HIS, PACS and LIS in hospitals brings many benefits for pathologists, technicians and managers in order to take the better outcome for patients.

NanoZoomer routine cost saving

A digital pathology workflow allows routine tasks to become automated, consequently reducing the amount of staff and resources needed. Therefore, in comparison to traditional methods the running cost tends to be lower.


NanoZoomer routine TAT reduction

Ability to share images, retrieve cases, digital tumor boards and to get secondary opinions, speed up diagnosis and reduce the overall turn-around-time.


NanoZoomer routine reduce human error

Human errors are more reduced by automatically tagging patient information and slide images in the pathology system via unique barcodes.

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