A global health network identifying the causes of child mortality

In 2017, Hamamatsu Photonics began working with CHAMPS to help build an innovative surveillance system to allow pathologists around the world to remotely review tissue samples across a number of CHAMPS sites.

Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS), a global health network headquartered in the Emory Global Health Institute, collects and analyses data to help identify the causes of child mortality in places experiencing the highest rates.

CHAMPS partners with governments and national public health institutes, preparing to use their findings to better understand and prevent specific causes of disease in children under the age of five. Their inclusive, open access approach to data sharing is designed to stimulate and incorporate creative new ideas to prevent child mortality.

The projects current sites include Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and South Africa. Two more locations will be added in the program’s next phase.

CHAMPS currently use Hamamatsu Photonics NanoZoomer SQ and S60 digital slide scanners, along with Hamamatsu’s slide distribution and management software, NDP serve.3. The system allows cross-network collaboration and is compatible with images scanned using other systems.

The solution has proven a helpful tool in accurately identifying and sharing the causes of child mortality across the project's current sites.

Hamamatsu is proud to have been able to contribute to a solution, which has enabled multiple CHAMPS sites to be a seamless global communication model between pathologists and other experts across a network, in the hope to reduce child mortality rates globally.

To learn more about CHAMPS, visit www.champshealth.org

* Note: NanoZoomer SQ, NanoZoomer S60 including optional software NDP.serve3 are CE marked under EU’s In Vitro Diagnostics Directive (IVDD) for in vitro diagnostic use.
NanoZoomer SQ, NanoZoomer S60 including optional software NDP.serve3 are Research Use Only in US. For other countries, please consult with Hamamatsu.


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