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The creation of WSI which can be stored on a server, allowing access from anywhere in the world, will enhance the efficiency of a pathologist or department. It gives the flexibility to easily share and view slides outside of the laboratory environment, such as for second opinions or remote working.

NanoZoomer application time saving

When connecting to the LIS, WSI are managed each cases along with other medical records and radiographys.

NanoZoomer application remote work

View your specimens quickly without having to go to the slide rack to get them.

NanoZoomer routine easy to analyze

Combined with analysis software, complicated analysis work can be handled automatically.


Why is the NanoZoomer beneficial?

NanoZoomer provides industry leading image quality in an open architecture that promotes interoperability within organizations. Our technology is backed by 15 years of successfully implementing digital pathology in both clinical and research markets globally.

NanoZoomer easy to use

Automatically publishes security information such as ID, password etc.

NanoZoomer high speed to access

Smooth navigation and viewing, even if you don't have a high bandwidth network connection.

NanoZoomer net work

A willingness to take the initiative to connect with new partners.

Network model

NanoZoomer tagline

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