In the past, research and development using tissues has been limited to a tiny area of the specimen. WSI, however, allows us to cover the whole area of one specimen from low to high magnification for the entire organization, allowing us to gain new knowledge and results.

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High resolution images can be obtained quickly and efficiently.

NanoZoomer processing/analyzing

We will propose the optimum solution to meet your image processing and analysis needs.

NanoZoomer SDK

We provide the highest levels of technical support for the development of products and services using WSI.

The Question

Why is the NanoZoomer beneficial?

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In addition to brightfield images, the NanoZoomer S60 can also handle fluorescence-stained specimens with the addition of a fluorescence imaging module (optional).

NanoZoomer bright field / fluorescence

Both brightfield and fluorescence WSI capabilities.

NanoZoomer high quality scanning

High-quality, beautiful images are produced.

NanoZoomer high speed camera

A high-sensitivity CMOS camera dedicated to fluorescence enables fast fluorescence WSI imaging.

Fluorescence image example

Green fluorescent protein (EGFP) expressed mouse brain tissue slice

NanoZoomer florescense

Courtesy of Yo Shinoda PhD, Teiichi Furuichi PhD, Laboratory for Molecular Neurogenesis, Riken Brain Science Institute


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