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c13140-01 product photo

NanoZoomer-SQ Digital slide scanner: C13140-01

  • New compact model
  • Affordable

The easy to use, affordable and high quality desktop scanner for whole slide imaging.
●Scanning speed(20x mode): Approx. 150 s

c13210-01 product photo

NanoZoomer S60 Digital slide scanner: C13210-01

  • Fluorescence supports model

It scans up to 60 standard slides automatically in one batch.
●Scanning speed (20x mode): Approx. 60 s

c13220-01 product photo

NanoZoomer S360 Digital slide scanner: C13220-01

  • High-throughput

It scans up to 360 standard slides automatically in one batch.
●Scanning speed(20x/40x mode): Approx. 30 s
●Throughput(20x/40x mode): More than 82 slides/h

c13239-01 product photo

NanoZoomer S210 Digital slide scanner: C13239-01

  • New standard model

It scans up to 210 standard slides automatically in one batch.
●Scanning speed(20x mode): Approx. 60 s

u12388-01 product photo

NDP.view2 Viewing software: U12388-01

  • New generation viewing platform

Viewing software specially designed for digital slide observation.
Allows making observations just as if operating a microscope.

u13173-03 product photo

NDP.serve3 Web slide server: U13173-03

  • Slide distribution

The NDP.serve3 is a slide distribution and management software.

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