Fluorescence Microscopy

Fluorescence multi-color whole slide images can be achieved simply by adding the fluorescence option to the NanoZoomer XR, 2.0-HT and 2.0-RS family. Scanned whole slide images allow you to review and analyze without fear of sample degradation.

Challenges in Biomarker and Brain Research

  • Imaging of entire tissues at high resolution
  • Imaging of multiple labels
  • Imaging of multiple tissue slides for 3D imaging
  • Image analysis of a high number of slides

Our solutions

  • The NanoZoomer, equipped with the multi-colour fluorescence module can auto- or semi-automatically scan entire tissue sections of multiple slides
  • Brightfield focusing can be used to avoid photo-bleaching during the focusing process and provides superb image quality over large tissue sections
  • Using third party software, scanned slide data are quickly ready for analysis on local computers or via a network.


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