NDP.view2: The latest incarnation of our user-centric viewing platform to perform seamless and smooth navigation and to open the doors to a vast range of benefits for WSI applications in Healthcare, Pharma, Research and Education.




Benefits of NDP.view2

Loading of WSI Datasheet [201 KB/PDF]
  • Sharing and viewing NanoZoomer whole slide images is simple and easy with our free NDP.view2 software
  • For the first time in the whole slide imaging market, the latest version of NDP.view2 delivers the possibility to observe digital images as smoothly as you would viewing with a microscope
  • The new viewer takes the smooth nature of a microscope experience and combines this with the benefits of digitized whole slide images
  • Mobile viewing is possible with the NDP.serve software that is based on an Ajax Viewer
  • The full screen display gives a clear view of the image without being cluttered by unnecessary tool bars and windows

Features of NDP.scan

Multiple WSI synchronized
  • Advanced interface for a more responsive and smooth panning, zooming and focusing functionality via the mouse, keyboard or other devices
  • A full display of clean slide view, by eliminating unnecessary control windows, let's you concentrate on your work
  • NDP.view2 also offers: morphometric measurements, flexible annotations, export functions into different image formats and extended image control
  • NDP.view2 is the first viewer in the world offering a “birds-eye-view”
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