NDP.serve: Our core technology serving software to deliver and manage whole slide images throughout a network, in conjunction with LIS/LIMS and other database solutions. A powerful solution to manage and organize your whole slide images.




Benefits of NDP.serve

Log-In & Administration
  • NDP.serve combines the capabilities of Hamamatsu scanning devices with an open software architecture to deliver the world of whole slide images throughout networks to people around the globe
WSI Navigation Datasheet [662 KB/PDF]
  • Secure WSI data management and distribution services allow for quick and easy remote accessing and viewing of the images to enhance application workflows, ideal for for Teleconsultation
  • NDP.serve provides whole slide images to any browser running on client hardware – this can be either PC, MAC, iPAD, Smart-Phones and other mobile devices – without the need to install local software, avoiding IT security issues

Features of NDP.serve

NDP.serve supports LIMS & LIS integration
  • Ease of use software interface to manage slide data, administrate user groups and serve whole slide images within local and global networks
  • NDP.serve is able to interface easily with a broad range of external data bases such as LIMS and LIS to merge different types of data
  • No user and slide limitation and easy to expand with additional functionality like the NDP.Conference plug-in module
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