NDP.scan: The software solution for converting glass slides into digital whole slides images using the NanoZoomer series scanning devices.

Benefits of NDP.scan

Batch Scanning Datasheet [372 KB/PDF]
  • NDP.scan is a user centric intuitive dynamic interface that controls the whole scanning process
  • The scanning software has the flexibility to offer fully automated batch slide scanning with the possibility to change all aspects of the scanning parameters in real time to cover all user application requirements
  • NDP.scan has a short and shallow learning curve due to its intuitive design making the system scanning capabilities accessible to a new user within minutes
  • Multiple users can share a scanner using the profile function. Each user can set up their own profile, such as scanning parameters and slide storage area. The profiles can be used to keep scanning parameters for various types of samples.

Features of NDP.scan

Easy integration to existing IT Infrastructure
  • Highly flexible and adaptive workflow using pre-configured parameter settings within user profiles to achieve even higher scanning success rates
  • Different modes of scanning – from manual scanning of a single slide, to scanning large batches fully automatically - giving the flexibility needed to adapt to a wide variety of requirements
  • NDP.scan can be easily linked to external databases such as LIMS/LIS, to communicate and retrieve barcoded scanning information to realise a fully automated scanning setup
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