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In 2016, Alec Hirst and Chris Evagora, in partnership with their clinical leads Luis Beltran and Dorota Markiewicz, set up their company, Pathognomics.

Pathognomics vision has been to design and deliver a fully end-to-end digital histopathology laboratory to prove that whole slide digital pathology works in a diagnostic environment and that it can be implemented in a timely and cost-effective way.

In 2017, Hamamatsu Photonics provided Pathognomics with a NanoZoomer S60 fluorescent scanner and NDP.serve3 software in order to overcome the stereotypical challenges pathology was facing at the time such as slide degradation, storage and the ability to access slides remotely.

The co-founder Chris had worked with a NanoZoomer HT for several years and had confidence in the reliability of Hamamatsu’s hardware and software solutions, coupled with their attentive customer service. As a result, Chris selected the NanoZoomer S60, which delivers the perfect combination of flexibility and excellent image quality.

The next investment was to create a solution that offered users remote access to the digital images. This remote access was achieved by the development of Pathognomics bespoke LIMS system. In addition, the solution also ensured a suitable IT infrastructure was in place and capable of transferring large image files and storing them in a scalable and affordable way.

Pathognomics now operate one of the only UK ISO 15189 accredited histopathology laboratories for the production, management, distribution, and diagnostic reporting of digital images for pan specialty.

They have rapidly established themselves as one of the market leaders in complete managed digital pathology services, currently supplying to nine NHS trusts, thirty dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, research and training, R&D institutes and universities, private health care consortiums and new technology providers, Medico-Legal Centres and independent coroners, and national EQA panels. They have also ensured they have met the required data protection regulation to certify patient confidentiality.

Hamamatsu is privileged to have had the opportunity to work with a start-up company and support a solution that has now become widely adopted by multiple hospitals and pathologists across the United Kingdom.

* Note: NanoZoomer S60 including optional software NDP.serve3 are CE marked under EU’s In Vitro Diagnostics Directive (IVDD) for in vitro diagnostic use.
NanoZoomer S60 including optional software NDP.serve3 are Research Use Only in US. For other countries, please consult with Hamamatsu.
NanoZoomer HT is Research Use Only.


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