NDP.analyze: The software solution that enhances your whole slide image analysis requirements in the fields of Research, Pharma and Healthcare.




Benefits of NDP.analyze

Nuclei, Membrane & Cytoplasmic Markers Datasheet [747 KB/PDF]
  • Including whole slide images into the workflow of image analysis delivers the benefit of standardization, automation and reproducibility in comparison to the tedious work on a microscope
  • A combination of WSI and sophisticated image analysis software increases the productivity immediately and enhances the quality of data
  • Due to the flexible user interface the workflow can be adapted to the skills of the user, thereby increasing efficiency
  • Pre-defined apps that can be downloaded from the internet (click here for Visiopharm app store) making image analysis applications even smarter and more straightforward to use

Features of NDP.analyze

TMA tool
  • NDP.analyze offers IHC analysis with standard analysis protocols for nuclei, membrane and cytoplasmic markers
  • Runs with a standard computer
  • Can be combined with a TMA tool to automatically analyze all the cores
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